katya ilina


Visual diary of the first rave party at Cosmo 40, the largest Korean rave spot in Incheon, Seoul.

Photographed over the period of 12 hours 7pm 24 Nov - 7am 25 Nov 2018

#라이브 공연 Live Performance
-씨피카 Cifika
-투톤쉐이프 Two Tone Shape (Honey Badger Records)

#디제이 DJ
-Antwork (Voice)
-Apachi (Hexa Records)
-C'est Qui
-JNS (Honey Badger Records)
-Magico (Voice)
-VPR (Constant Value)
-Xanexx (Hexa Records)
-Zeemen (Hexa Records)

#비주얼 Visuals
-Apotak (Muto)
-Whatisit (SCR)
-Pano (Scopavik)

#무대, 사운드, 조명 Stage, Sound, Lighting

Instagram: @rundownincheon

Event information: https://www.cosmo40.com/archive-post/rundown-incheon-2018

Event video recap: https://www.instagram.com/p/Brw7BUCj1cO/

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