katya ilina


Having stepped into an indie house club Pistil, in Itaewon district of Seoul, for the first time, it seemed different from all the places I've been to before. Like in the 80s Manchester (aka Madchester), I thought, Seoul in 2018 felt like a place where big changes were waiting to happen, both culturally and socially. The city felt both foreign and familiar, a one of a kind mix of everything.  In this photo series, I captured my encounter with people and places that shaped Korean clubbing culture.

I took photos between June and December 2018 (12 am-7 am) in Gangnam, Itaewon and Hongdae districts of Seoul, South Korea. Each of these districts attracts different groups of clubbers and has a distinct atmosphere. Through the eyes of an outsider, by documenting my experiences, I tried to get closer to the understanding of Korean culture and what it means to be young in this still largely patriarchal conservative society.

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