Having stepped into an indie house club Pistil in Itaewon district of Seoul for the first time I had a feeling of it being different from all the places I've been to in the UK and US. That night I met some of the musicians that would later open me the doors into the local music scene and help to learn more about electronic music than I ever did before. This was followed by the night at a mainstream EDM club Arena, in the infamous Gangnam "where all the beautiful and rich people party". It was a world away from an indie music scene, but again a refreshing experience that made me want to explore what is Korean clubbing culture all about.

Just like in the 80s Manchester (aka Madchester), Seoul in 2018 felt like a place where new and exciting things were waiting to happen. In this photo series, from a point of view of an outsider, I tried to capture this feeling, feeling of fleeting youth and what it means to be young in a still conservative patriarchal Korean society.

Particularly, in the light of a major drug, prostitution, sexual abuse and corruption scandal that broke out in early 2019 involving clubs Burning Sun and Arena, where some of these photos were taken, these photos in the retrospective have taken a new meaning.

Photographed in the period between June and December 2018 in Gangnam, Itaewon and Hongdae districts of Seoul, South Korea.

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